CPM Advertising Basics with 4 Top Paying CPM Ad Networks

make money from blog or website with cpm network or cost per impression ad networkBefore reading this post on CPM network, I assume you might know about the Basic Advertising Programs like Pay Per Click and Affiliate Program which you might be using or use it in the future to make money from Blog or Website. If you don’t know, then just go through my previous post I had written on these advertising networks so that it will be easy for you to understand, what I explained here.

What is Affiliate Marketing and Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

As a Blogger you always want to generate more money for your valuable content you had created for your site visitors. With Cost Per Impressions Advertising or CPM Network you can just add some extra dollars to your Blog or if you are not getting that money which your Blog deserves from other sources just like PPC, then the best alternative for you is to opt for CPM network.

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What exactly is CPM Network or Advertising Program

Not a widely used Ad network to make money from blog /website, still it’s much popular among blog’s receiving per day more than 1000 unique visitors. Cost Per impression(CPM) or specifically Cost Per Thousand Impressions refers to the cost which the advertisers pay to the site publishers for each time whenever an ad is displayed on the Web Page. (Different from Google Adsense where visitor should click in order to earn money from blog ). You just place advertising Banner on your Blog and will get paid for every 1000 Impressions.

I just explain you with an example. Suppose you had 1000 impressions on a particular day on your Website. The Cost per Impression rate i.e CPM rate as given by the advertisers is 4$/CPM. It means that you will be earning an amount of 4$  on that day from the CPM Network Advertiser or Company. It concludes that you need a good traffic requirement and is only suitable for bloggers, blogging for the last couple of months.

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Precisely an Impression is same as the page views of your website.The only difference is that page refreshes and other fraud activities are excluded while counting the number of Impressions.

Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money From Blog :-

4 Best Ad Networks that pay your blog a handsome amount of money are listed here. Different CPM ad network has different policies and different CPM rates. One CPM network will suit to one blog niche, while other will suit to another. So I suggest you go through all these 5 CPM Network and see which will perform best for you.

1. CPXInteractive

Important Points

  • Latest Top Paying CPM network

  • Minimum requirement -30,000 Visitors per month

  • Minimum payout -100$ through Check

best cpm ad networks and top paying cpm advertising website

2. Value Click

Important Points:

  • Minimum requirement: 3000 Impressions per month

  • Minimum payout-25$ through Check or PayPal

  • 65% Revenue is shared with Publisher

  • best alternative if your Blog profile doesn’t fit for Tribal Fusion or CPXInteractive

CPM Ad Networks and best CPM advertising websites

3. Burst Media

Important Points

  • Provide Different ad units like skyscraper, leader Boards, pop-ups

  • Minimum Pay-out 50$ through PayPal

  • Minimum requirement- 5,000 Unique page Views

  • 70% Revenue Sharing with Publishers

best cpm ad networks Burstmedia

4 Technorati Media 

Important Points:

  • Approve your Blog on certain Factors like PR, Technorati Rank, Traffic, Visitors, Quality of Content.

  • Technorati is one of the Top Blog Directory that has Advertising Program.

  • Minimum Pay-out is 50$ through Check or PayPal.

  • Recommended for 3-4 months old blog.

best and top paying CPM ad networks advertising for bloggers

5.  Advertising

Cpm network and top 5 best CPM advertising Programs and websites

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