How to Make Money From Skype

make money from skype with skype primeSkype,a Popular name you have heard for video calling on Internet.I had earlier posted that How you can Make Monet from Videos that you Upload. In case you had missed grab it.that Many of you might have also used Skype for video chats with your friends,Family and Partners.I recently used Skype to have a video chat with my cousin living in Australia.But if you are updated with the latest Social Media trends then you definitely know that the Facebook now has integrated Video Calls into its chat option and that’s because they had signed a deal with Skype.With this you now know what is the importance of this popular tool.But the limits has not totally reached  as you can also make money from Skype. Ya! you are hearing it right.It is the latest trend which people are using to generate passive income Online.

Become Online tutor for Earning Through Internet

Make Money from Skype is not a usual way to Earn Money Online.And that’s why many of you might not have heard about this awesome Method.But now as you are reading this Blog,you do not have to care about anything as my this Tutorial will explain you step by step as to what are the odds,advantages,disadvantages and qualities you require in order to handsomely make money from Skype.

2 Ways to Make Money From Skype :

#1 Skype Prime

Skype Prime is a great Feature to earn money if you are expertise in anything or you have the capabilities to teach People.You can teach people ,run classes  or give coaching with Skype.Generally we make calls free of cost with Skype.But by using Skype Prime you can charge People for teaching them or interacting with them. It will be paid to paid Skype Calls. The Charge would be according to your choice(pay per minute or pay per call).You are called as the “Provider” and the person which asks for learning from you is called “Caller”.

Instructions for How to Make Money with Skype Prime

#1 First and the very basic step is that you have to set up a Skype account and a PayPal account and You must have a latest Skype Update installed on your Desktop.

#2 Decide what you want to Become a Caller or a Provider.Both ways you are benefited,you are provided the best knowledge or you can make money

#3 Next go to the Official Skype Prime Page and select the Option what you had decided in the step 2. As I think you want to make Money so will opt as a Provider.

#4 But,If you are a Caller then you must have sufficient funds in you Skype Credit.$.50/min is the minimum charge you have to pay for calling.

#5 As a Provider you should note these important points

Provider does have the option of initiating Payment request at any point of time.At first the call will be free,but after initiating the request it will be transferred into paid calls.

The Skype will take 30% of whatever you charge to caller.The rest 70 % is then transferred to your PayPal account.

Once you know and have trust on your Customer,then you can directly transfer to you own account instead of giving 30% to Skype

You can held seminars on Skype which will help you to make good relationships with your Listeners and step ahead in growing your Business.

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Affiliate Marketing

If you are a Website or Blog Owner,then you might add an affiliate Banner and can start getting the Commission into your account.I have Posted an entire Post regarding this.You can read it here


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With these very Basic Steps,you can easily make money by sitting at your Home.I have seen many people earning a decent amount of money from Skype just by attending Classrooms on Skype.So a friendly advice if you have not opted for this,then at least give it a try. And Share with us if you are successful in Earning Money or have any problems regarding any Instructions I have listed in Making Money From Skype.


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