Google Adsense Program for Youtube Videos

I always think about how to associate myself with big companies in the world and make money from them as everyone dreams to do so. Sometimes I wonder how people are associated with big companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and lots more. As I search this query on google and finds that google provides adsense program for people like me who are desperate to earn money & want to plant a money tree for them.

Google Adsense Program for Youtube Videos

Google Adsense Program for Youtube Videos

Then I start to go in the detailed knowledge of Google Adsense program. I find that Google show relevant ads on websites, blogs, videos, online games and mobile content. I don’t know how to design and develop a website. πŸ˜› And for all above online activities, I must have a website exclude videos. Then I decide to go for Google adsense program for videos which is best for me because I like to make videos so beautifully.

I know how to create videos and upload them on youtube, but I faced some serious questions before uploading them to Youtube i.e.

1. How does Google run adsense program for youtube?

2. What are google’s terms and conditions for google adsense program on youtube?

3. How google ads will show on my youtube video?

4. How does google adsense generate money?

5. What is the best way to utilize google adsense program to make money from videos?

And the most vital question : How much google pay me for my youtube videos and when how I’ll get money in my pocket? πŸ™‚

These questions were headache for me initially because I wasn’t getting answers of above questions at one place. I spent lots of time to find the solutions of my problems, then finally I got the answers and now I am going to share my experience and views with you on google adsense program for youtube videos.

First of all we will find that How does google run adsense program for youtube videos?

Google provides adsense for websites/blogs, Youtube videos, online games and mobile content. Google adsense program for videos is quite interesting because you don’t need to have any website or blog to get google ads for videos. All you need to have a active Youtube channel account and quality original videos.

We have already discussed step by step tutorial about how to make money on youtube with videos.

Google’s terms and conditions for Google Adsense program on Youtube:-

There are certain terms and conditions that google considers before enabling adsense account for Youtube videos. All these terms and conditions you have to follow and obey them by heart. πŸ™‚

Some major terms for adsense program are :

  • You can’t upload single video that carries pornographic, adult, any mature content that is not safe for family to watch.
  • Illegal content that provokes people, illegal activity or associated with distortion of people’s rights.
  • Copyright content will not be consider unless you don’t give credits to the associated people or organization. For example :- You can’t change logo image of apple brand in your video, so you have to mention in your video that this is apple’s logo image……
  • Top class quality data content and description should be uploaded with accurate URLs.
  • You need to monetize the video content with proper legal rights from google.
  • Don’t force anyone to click on the ads.

After reading all Google’s terms and conditions for youtube adsense, I go to Youtube to find that how google ads will be displayed when I upload my video on youtube. Now let me help you to find out how google ads will display on videos.

How Google ads are displayed on Youtube videos?

As I switch on to youtube from google search and search about Hrithik Roshan’s wax figure. There were various results and I select one by one form those results. I got some videos that were looking like these where google ads were placed as you can see in the picture.

Google adsense for youtube videos

Google Adsense for Youtube

After seeing that how ads are displayed on videos, now my engineering mind was getting lots more questions and queries. Now, I was desperate to know how to generate money from these google ads? Hence, I again search on google and find solution for my query.

How revenue is generated from displayed ads on video :

As your google adsense account is enabled for Youtube videos and you have published ads on your videos, then its easy to make money from google adsense. When you have thousands of video viewers on your Youtube channel, your more than half work is completed and rest others will do.

When people watch your uploaded video on youtube, the google ads are displayed on the video as shown in the picture above. These ads are made so attractive and relevant to your video content that visitors click on the ads and this generates money in your account without any effort. πŸ˜€

Isn’t it amazing to make money from youtube with google adsense? If you ask me this question, I’ll answer its really easy to generate passive income from google.

As number of viewers increase, the probability will get higher and higher to generate money from youtube.

I am little bit crazy man and my mind is more than me, so again it rises one more question that is how can I use google adsense program in a best way to earn money from my videos. Again I start to find the answer.

Best way to utilize google adsense program for youtube:

Relevancy is the main key now a days according to google policies. Hence if I upload relevant videos according to people’s interest and their like, I can increase the amount of money from adsense.

Maximum people on youtube like to search about fun, entertain, education and want to learn something from videos. So if this kind of videos are uploaded on youtube, you can increase number of viewers for your youtube channel and videos. This will lead you to generate passive money from google adsense.

Now after getting all answers, my vital question was still there in mind and yet to be solved i.e how will google pay me and how much.? As always I go to google search and try to find the answer. I am going to share what google search results answered me.

How google pays and how much for youtube adsense:

These is not a certain fix amount that google will pay you for its adsense program. Google can pay you 100 dollars for a month or 100$ in a single day for your videos on youtube powered by google adsense advertisers. There are many people who are making passive income from google adsense and some are those who are not getting single dollar in a day from adsense.

Money earning from google ads on youtube channel

See, how google pays money in your adsense account

Your earnings from adsense program mainly depends on traffic on your videos and number of clicks on the ads displayed on your videos.

Google pays you by check and a check from google company can change your entire life inspite it is not a check with big amount. But its effect is enough to get more earning sources.

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Here I have tried to share my experience and views regarding how to generate money from google adsense by displaying ads on youtube. In next post I’ll come with more excitement regarding google adsense program. It will be a surprise for you, I may share my views on google adsense program for online games or may be on google adsense for mobile content. So stay tune with me and our blog Moneybies, I hope you enjoy reading this article and we will definitely help you to provide best money making ways. πŸ™‚


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