Get Paid to Write Reviews- Easiest and Fastest way to Generate an Online Income

As in the previous articles, I had already discussed that Writing Articles Online is one of the best way to generate an online income. Now if I narrow it down in the form of writing reviews and getting Paid, then this way becomes one of the profitable ways for making money online. Wonder! You can easily earn extra income by sharing your thoughts, views or opinions about products, services, websites, books, movies etc.

We all know that how much chit-chat we daily do. It can be anything but mostly it belongs to the film industry, stars and latest products.  I just want to explore and utilize the speaking ways into earning money capabilities. This is not a difficult job by seeing your ways of speaking. Is this difficult??

Now come to the point. There are tens of thousands of products and services present in the world market. Basically, companies promote their products and services by these review websites. So it is a vital opportunity for you to utilize you opinions into some extra cash. But the question is in front of you that “I don’t know about Review Websites? I have done only surveys online.” So what’s the matter? Don’t you worry! I am always available for you.

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What are Review Websites??

    • A review website is a website where people write their opinions and views about products, services, people or businesses. There are so many lucky people, who earn a full-time income from these review websites. Basically, review websites make money for both the vendors and the website owners. So you can also open your online discussion portal also for making an impact. However, you are supposed to write an excellent number of high quality views. Thus you can update them time to time to make a full-time income.



How Review Website Work??


There are many famous companies that pay to review websites for promoting their products, service and businesses. And these review websites pay to the reviewer for their writing opinions and reviews. Hence these reviews help the consumer for selecting the perfect choice of product. When this matter come to purchasing goods and services than also these reviews help a lot.

You just need to write good English so that the online community can find it helpful. Here are many types of website in the sense of paying. Some websites pay you upfront, some wait for reading your reviews by online community and some websites give you a percentage of the ad revenues that are displayed on your reviews. Now know about these types of website briefly for writing reviews and getting paid. Don’t Miss: Wonder! I am earning money by just surfing the websites!

Best Review Website which Pays to Write Reviews:

(1) is one of the best ‘Get Paid to Write Reviews’ websites on the Internet, especially for UK and European based freelance writers. In short, here  you can write reviews about all of your favorite products, foods and even locations. Your all effort and time will not waste here for sure.

Get-paid-to-write-reviews-by-dooyoomile Earning money ways of

    • If you write a premium review, you will receive 600 ‘Dooyoo Miles’. Premium review means a genuine and useful consumer opinion with more than 150 words. You will also receive 20 ‘Dooyoo Miles’ from reading your review by each member.
    • You can write for more common categories and easily earn 300 Dooyoo Miles. You will also get 15 Dooyoo Miles for each member reading your review.
    • You can write for less popular categories and receive 100 Dooyoo Miles for writing reviews. Here, also you will get 10 Dooyoo Miles for each member reading your review.
    • If you are rewarded with a crown for writing a fantastic review then your review will enter in Dooyoo competitions. Here, you can earn for a full of 6 months from the very first date with your review.
    • 1000 Dooyoo Miles are worth £1 and obviously 300 Dooyoo Miles are worth £0.3.


(2) is the perfect place for writing reviews. It is also known as one of the highest paying review website. Anyone can write a review here from all over the world. It is an exact place for Real consumers and Real experience. Here, first you need to fill out an online form to write reviews and get paid. You have to fill this online form every time when you write a review using the same Google email address. Obviously your review must be unique and in high quality otherwise you might get rejected also. If you are copying the review from other sources than Beware! Your account might be suspended or terminated.



Earning money ways of

    • If you write a good review which is full of helpful information for the readers and also helpful in taking them decisions then you can easily earn $2 per review.
    • If your reviews were not rated as high quality you can still earn from the bulk rate of $0.40 per review.
    • If you receive the votes for your review then you can easily earn $0.10 for every vote.


(3) is also a very good review writing website. You can write any summary or review of a previously published book, article or newspaper. You can write your abstract in your own words but remember your abstract must not exceed 900 words. The Google Page Rank 5 of this amazing review website.



Earning money ways of

    • The minimum amount pays by is $10, which is accumulated in the writer’s account.
    • Shvoong also pays 10% of its advertising revenues to the writers.
    • Payment is usually made by PayPal and Check system both.


(4) is also one of the biggest website in the series of review writing. It is located in  UK. The site is very popular for its tens of thousands products. Just you need to register with the site for writing the reviews and you get paid. The Google Page Rank 2 of this superb website.



Earning money ways of

    • If you write a single review, you can easily earn $0.25 here.
    • When someone rates your review, you can earn $.01 to $.03 for each rating.
    • When someone views your review, you can earn $.01  per view.
    • You can easily earn $1 for each referral that you send to the website through Ciao referral program.


If you are really good in giving an opinion of something, whatever the thing is! Then you must try this way of earning extra cash at home. You can share your opinions and thoughts about anything whether it is related to market or not. You become popular also in the sense of providing valuable services to the consumers or online community. Therefore, you can improve your writing skills even and it may increase your job promotion chances also. So try this easiest and fastest way of earning extra income online. Share Get Paid to Write Reviews on Social Media..!!


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