Have an Amazing Online game.? Then Earn money from Google adsense

If you are a good game developer as well as a designer, then there is an opportunity to work with google and generate a passive income from google’s adsense program. When you have capability to create an online game and you think that millions of people are going to play your game online then don’t worry about the money, google is there to give you money.

Let others play your game and you play your game with google adsense.

Earn money from google adsense for online games

Earn money from google adsense for online games

Google drives adsense program for online games in a different manner. Its terms and conditions are slightly differ for games than adsense for youtube, website or blog. According to research, there are 25-30 percent on internet who are used to play online games every week. And we know billions of internet users are there around the globe. Hence, developing an online game is beneficial for us to make money easily from internet.

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Google adsense program for online games was started in the last quarter of year 2008. Before Google, Yahoo and Microsoft were running this kind of program for online games. This is beta adsense product from google which allows you to display ads in between the game’s one level completion, starting the game or after finishing the game.

These ads will be shown in your developed game as per your wish. Like google ads on websites, advertisements on online games are just like the same. Video ads, image ads or text ads can be displayed on your online game. By doing this you can earn huge money from google adsense.

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Base term to get adsense for online game :

Every day minimum 500,000 game plays should be there and 80% traffic must be driven from USA and UK.

This is one of the most important condition before apply to google adsense for online games. Other google’s terms and conditions are almost same as these are for websites, mobile content or youtube. Copyright material should be there, no p_rn and a_ult content is there in your game. After all your game must follow google’s policies for adsense program.

When Ryan Hayward posted about adsense for games first time on adsense.blogspot, everyone on internet was looking to make money from google by developing games online. Its not easy to develop a game if you don’t know the websites or tools by which you can develop games. For your instance, we are providing you some sites from where you can develop games and make money.

Top 5 sites to develop games online :

1. Gamasutra.com
2. Gamedev.net
3. Spolder.com
4. Mygame.com
5. Addictinggames.com

There are various big brands like Sony pictures, Esurance, Sprint, Cafe, Playfish much more are working as marketers in this google’s adsense program for online games. For getting better ideas via video, you can watch here.

How Google ads pay you money for online game :

adsense for online games

Google adsense for online games (Source : google)

  • When you get adsense for an online game, then you can display ads as per your choice as we have mentioned earlier. You can post ads in the starting and finishing of game as well as completion of a level/stage in the game.
  • The ads are made attractive and according to your content, so that when player (visitor) watches and read the ads, he/she clicks on the ads and you get paid.

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Its easy to earn money from it, but you have to follow google’s terms and conditions. Share your thoughts on this.


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