6 Silly Mistakes must avoid by New Affiliate Marketers

As we all knows everyone is running behind money either it’s in offline or online world. But in present era the online way has become the great source to generate money, everyday various program  has introduces to make money online like sell your own product, ad sense, affiliate links and many more. Here i am going to aware my friends, co- bloggers and many other people who are following affiliate marketing blindly without any proper guidance.

Mistakes must be avoided in affiliate marketing.

Even personally when I first started blogging, I was just concentrating on money and was following all ways to make money. I go in every direction, try everything, without any idea about what mistakes i was doing that can affect my long term success. So through my past 1 year experience and by reading various affiliated marketing books i conclude them in 6 silly mistake that making by the new affiliate marketers. So Let’s discuss these mistakes in detail to avoid them.

1) Selling instead of Inspiring

This is the very concerning and biggest mistake generally New Affiliate Marketers are doing. Normally what we do in our post just give a link to a particular product by screamed “buy it now”. We didn’t guide the reader why they should buy it and what they will get by purchasing it.  buy it . We just want a click from the reader on that link that will lead to a commission from the targeted link site.

Why people search on web before buying a product because they want to know what is best for them. So they read reviews of products, So help People to make a good decision to buy a product or not. Write about the product like this they get inspired to buy it from your targeted link.

2) Lack of Comparison

Commonly what we seen in the blog post, the writer write a list of product or a detail about a product and link them with a shopping site by the similar tag in first mistake i mention “buy it now”.  But this not effective to get affiliate money. This is the genuine fact when we buy a product, we compare it with a product having same price and same features. So this is the best and effective way to sell affiliate products online, pick up a main product and compare it with two other similar products.

And write something like this” I compare here three products to help you making the best choice from them. Here i just not compare the products but also I not only help my readers make a choice, but I also used the best affiliate links too of all three product to get the best. So in short Comparison content not only help the users but also intent to buy them and also will be profitable for you.
3) Make false claims

Many a time A person who published the post says he is not making money online. But in their signature line with the link he write he has make 50 Million Dollars by the following affiliate link. So please stop making these kind of false claims. If you are a new marketer and want to promote the product follow genuine method and don’t make false claims like you made a particular amount of money by a link.

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Talk about the benefits, features and uses of the product that will like by the readers and will be great for you. Don’t try to make fool people and trap them, it will just ruin your credibility.

4) Joining too many affiliate program

This is the another and worse mistake following by the new marketers even i was also a victim of this mistake in starting but now i improve it . Most of the people start joining the various and too many affiliated programmes from they came across. They believe in cultivating multiple ways to generate Internet money. So here i want to advise join few and best affiliate programs wisely which are really worth for you and don’t overload.

5) Find target market firstly not product

Finding right product is most difficult part in affiliate marketing.

If you want to be successful marketer keep one thing in mind always product arise from the consumers need not products leads to consumers needs. so it is essential to pick the right market for the right product to sell. Most of the time we have seen Too many new byes trapped in finding a great product and after that find the market to sell it, so this is a wrong way. But in real firstly you must find a market and offer the product what they want.

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For this you have to search to select the good targeted market, you can use various search tools like yahoo search marketing. find out for what people are searching and what keywords they are using each month. Always consider the competition factor in mind bigger the market higher will be the competition and the harder it is to get traffic.

6) Lack of content

Many affiliates following the concept of being able to make money by just putting a link without any attention towards quality content and right information. A lot of time i have seen the affiliates put a lot of images in the post and by writing one or two lines in content use links even many a times they also don’t write on or two lines too just put the affiliate links without any information. It just looks bunch of advertisements. It is good to use images but content is king, without content images doesn’t work.

Your web page must have the ability to attract the readers and promote the merchants product in an effective way. In short Content is essential so avoid having no content.

Affiliate marketing is a great online business to generate huge money but it required self-motivation, full knowledge and focus. So i think this article will help you a lot to grow your affiliate business and earn money in long term

It’s over to you, if you want to add something to this article, freely share via your comments.

Best of luck


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