5 Mind Blowing Websites to Earn Money by Reading Emails Online

The world of internet is expanding and opportunities are growing rapidly. One of the key aspects of Internet is email. We all are using different email services every day be like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail for personal or professional usage. But have you ever imagined that there is a possibility of making money on the internet by simply reading emails? It may sound impossible but email reading jobs are there on the internet and well suited to people who are looking to make significant and steady income every day.

No matter which email service you use, you have the experience or not, you don’t need any special skills to make money through email reading job. It is one of the easiest jobs by which you can easily make around $100-250 per month without much effort. There are various websites available where you can make extra money, however, you need to be extra careful as there are many scam websites as well. So here, we will explain you about some of the genuine websites that you may refer to earn money online by reading emails.

5 Mind Blowing Websites to Earn Money by Reading Emails:

(1) Matrixmails.com:

Matrixmails.com is a brilliant website for generating money by reading emails since 2002. It is a free platform with Google Page Rank 4 with absolutely no spam risk. All emails are sent to in-server email addresses supplied by them. They also offer both incentive and non-incentive based advertising solution at affordable prices.


How Matrixmails pay you??

  • You get paid to read paid emails
  • You get paid to sign up offers with other applied terms.
  • You also get paid to click and visit the sites.

Matrixmails also gives you an opportunity to earn lifetime bonuses, enabling you to get instant payment as well. The instant payment system is made via AlertPay with Only $2 payout limit. You can easily earn $25-$50 depending on the number of tasks you complete.

(2) Paisalive.com:

If you want to make fast money without investing a single penny then Paisalive.com is the best platform to earn money for reading emails. Paisalive.com is one of the most convenient platforms of making money by reading emails that pays amount up to Rs.5 for reading mails in your inbox.


How it works in making money??

  • You can get Rs. 99 instantly just for signing up here in Paisalive.com
  • If you refer 10 people, you get Rs. 10 immediately.
  • After 10 referrals, you get Rs. 2 for each friend you refer.
  • You can get Rs 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 by reading emails in your Paisalive inbox.
  • You get Rs. 0.30 login incentive to Paisalive account in every 24 hours.

Paisalive.com pays the amount to the members once in 15 days, and the mode of payment is Cheque. The minimum amount required for payment request is Rs. 5oo.

(3) Cash4offers.com:

Cash4offers.com is another good website for generating extra revenue by working on a computer. It gives several ways to be rewarded your online activity.


Once you become a Gold member, then you shall receive payment within 72 hours. All you need to do is read emails, take surveys, complete cash offers and trial, play online games, refer friends. You also get $5.00 sign up bonus for just joining the site.

(4) Sendearnings.com:

Sendearnings.com is another good website from where you can make quick money online. The website adheres to strict guidelines of reading emails and getting paid.


Website works in 3 simple steps

  • Sign Up Process: where you have to create your free account by clicking JOIN NOW button.
  • Activate Account: You have to click the confirmation link to complete your registration by your email.
  • Earn Independently: Earn unlimited cash by reading emails, take surveys, shop online, redeem coupons and more.

It pays you $1.00 for every email you read. If a member doesn’t visit the site after signing up for at least once in six months, then his/her account gets deleted. You need a minimum of $30 in your account before you can request payment.

Latest Update: Send earnings has paid over $50 million to its members and is now part of InboxDollars, one of the biggest platform for online surveys.

(5) Moneymail.in:

If you want to earn extra income then Moneymail.in is the right place for you. You can easily earn Rs. 10,000 per month by just spending 15 minutes daily. The concept of Moneymail is extremely simple which lets you earn money by reading emails online.


You can easily earn Rs. 0.20 to 200 for every email you read on the site ranked 1 on Google Page. In order to earn money, all you need to do is login daily in your account and read inbox emails. In other ways, it also works as a referring system by letting you earn around Rs. 100 for each member you add. So register now and start utilizing benefits of its services.

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4 other interesting websites to earn money by reading emails:

  • PaidToReadEmails: It is one of the latest emerging platforms that is dominating with email jobs. Minimum Payout as low as $15, it provides daily mail tasks and has a payment processing time of 24 hours.
  • Dealsncash.com
  • Uniqpaid.com
  • Email88.com



Reading Emails is an excellent way to kick start your money making journey online. On this vast virtual community, you will be able to find various promising websites that provide you easy and simple methods for making money. All you need to do is create your online account, follow some simple instructions and you are all set to earn money online. Never have a false hope that it can give you thousand of bucks, but some side income which you can earn by investing your small amount of time.

So try these simple and easy tricks and get started to make money online by reading emails. Please also share your experience with us after getting money by accessing any of the above websites/links.

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