Top Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) like Adsense to Make Money

make money from blog or website with pay per click advertising or ppc ad networksMake Money from Blog with Adsense, Google’s  Biggest and Widest Source in Pay per Click Advertising Network  to generate some  Online  Income seems to be the Biggest Dream of a Blogger. Almost all the Bloggers know about Google Adsense and many are earning a huge amount of Income through it and the good part is that i’m also one of them. The blog Post “Make Money with Pay Per Click Ad Networks” entirely focuses on that category of people who are doing blogging for at least last 3 months. Like Adsense there are other Popular Pay Per Click ad networks which can give you some good dollars from your Blog. “With Others Click You Get Paid” is what actually is Pay Per Click Advertising. I had made a list regarding the Top Pay per Click advertising or Cost Per Click Ad Networks that are most suitable for your Blog.

Top Pay Per Click Advertising Networks :-

1. Google Adsense :

A simple but complicated to get program established by Google which let’s you select the type of ad you want for your blog niche  content and pay you according to how many visitors had clicked on that ad from your Blog/Website.

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One thing you should clearly note that An Adsense approved site receiving a huge amount of Traffic from US and UK is supposed to be the topmost earning site in comparison to others.

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2. : is now a days considered to be topmost Alternative of Google Adsense. It’s a contextual Advertising Company just like Google adsense which will  display relevant ads according to your Blog Content and you will get money according to the number of clicks on your Ads. A Yahoo-Bing joint venture solely designed to compete with google Adsense is the other major source to make money from Blog.

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3. Infolinks :

Infolinks is one of the largest Pay per Click Advertising Networks on Internet where both Advertisers and Publishers are running their Business Successfully on the Web. They are mostly helpful in Intext Advertisements but now a days their Banner Ads are also seems to be earning a good amount of Revenue for the Bloggers. A combination of Google Adsense and Infolinks on a web Page is the today’s best Choice For Bloggers to make Money from Blog.

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4.BlogAds :

BlogAds also seems to be good choice in 2013 for Pay Per Click Advertising on your Blog. The Relevancy,Reliability and easy to use Feature made BlogAds popular among the Bloggers.

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Other  popular PPC Ad Networks from which you can make money from Blog are Clicksor and Chitika. But keep in mind no one can give your blog that amount of money which Google Adsense pays.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you know any other Source that you might think be added in this post, kindly Share with us in our comments section Below.

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