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  1. Emmanuel says:

    I’ve already being slapped with Adsense and I have no intention of using them again even though I’ve gotten a new account.

    • Aman Bansal says:

      That depends on you whether you want to earn from google or not. By the way adsense program isn’t too bad that maximum people blame about it and curse it..

  2. yogesh pant says:

    we should stay away from unnecessary posting our earning from the Google adsense to the social media sites as this may lead to an increase of the persons that are jealous of our progress.
    a very well written article.

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Exactly Yogesh, I am also trying to convey this message from this article. I hope you won’t share too much about your adsense information on your social portals. Thanks to share your views with us. 🙂

  3. Tech Blog says:

    Very informative article. Thanks for this useful information about Adsense. I am new in Google Adsense account so, this is helpful for me. Thanks again!

  4. Yeah ! i do agree with you. Some people tends to click on adsense ads just because they didn’t got one. I hope that PHP script thingy gonna work.

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Thats what exactly I am trying to say through the article and stopping bloggers to share adsense approval status on social networks…Yes, I also believe that PHP script will definitely work as good as our account couldn’t be banned.. 🙂

  5. Sumanth says:

    Excellent Article on Adsense but many people share their adsense success stories online why don’t they get banned
    just a doubt pls visit my site

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Hello Sumanth,

      They don’t got banned because they share adsense success story, not adsense account approval story. And if they share approval story they don’t disclose the domain name of their site. Smartness leads to save it…. 🙂

  6. Qasim says:

    Hi Aman,

    It’s always improtant to protect your source income, I have noticed sometime that when I share blog posts on StumbleUpon, Adsense Clicks will fly and when the months ends only third of clicks are being paid, when you have reported clicks much higher than your finalized clicks then this is a red flag that there is something wrong, so i stopped sharing the posts on StumbleUpon. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to keep your Adsense account safe.

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Hello Qasim,

      Nice to see you here with one more idea to protect adsense account. Yes, if we do lot of social media marketing, it can be sometime not beneficial for us and can lead us to loss the income from google for forever. I hope people will understand this and work on it. 🙂

  7. nisar dosani says:

    thanks for share this valuable information. i m new in blogging it will help me so much.

  8. satya says:

    bro i am unable to earn from adsense can u please help me

  9. alice says:

    I’ve had a few times but always google adsense account banned and what is wrong with my blog because I am writing content at I do not think it violates tos.saya ask for a review of my blog

  10. aziz maulana says:

    Hello Theodore,

    Well almost everyone in there blogging career face this. So it is common now. If you visit digital forum and click on adsense tab , i am sure u will find one such case. I was also banned for no valid reason in 2011. After that ,i never used adsense anymore instead i tried to sell adspace in my site and it is doing quite well for me. So everyone should try banner selling , its a great way to make money from your blog.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. ruli says:

    That a problem, how to full aprove it is very dificult..

  12. WOW.. useful info for Adsense account holder. Everyone should follow these step. Very helpful article, keep it up. Thanks for share!

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