How can I Make Money with Amazon at Home: 7 Best Ways

You all know about the Amazon and also know about its services through all over the world. But what you may not have known is that there are seven famous ways for you to generate money at home from this world’s largest online retailer company You can easily make money with Amazon while working from home by their small tasks, Kindle services, e-books online, cloud computing and more. The harder the task more you will earn.

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As an affiliate you can also link your website to, which will help you to increase your fee sales. They have many different business arms and plenty of popular ways for you to make easy and real money online. That’s why Amazon is the world’s most recognized e-commerce site. Now know about 7 easy and best ways of making money on Amazon.

Seven Popular Ways to make money with Amazone

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Seven Popular Ways to Make Money from Amazon

(1) By Selling Products

The most popular way of making money from Amazon is by selling products online. There are many places where you can sell your inventory and earn money from them. Amazon is one of the best sources for them and selling products on amazon which are in trend can give you quick cash.  Amazon is the number one online retailer, where the millions of customers come and sell their products. You can sell DVDs, Electronic & Electrical equipment, Shoes, Jewellery, Books and so much more. It is a great way to generate income at home.

(2) Publishing and Selling your Own E-Books

As I have already discussed E-books in detail in our previous post, which is about making money from e-books. You can write and sell your e-books on Amazon and can get profitable revenue from that. There is a service name Kindle E-Books, which is the best way for publishing E-Books. It is the service of which is also known as Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your own book on bookstore and can get approx. 70 percent royalty by selling that. One of the significant way for earning money on Amazon.

(3) As an Affiliate/ Become an Associate

Amazon has many different Associates Programs. You can make easy money when someone purchases something through an affiliate link. You just need to sign up as an affiliate for advertising their products. You can advertise these products on your websites and on blogs also. Because of the popularity of Amazon, It is well-known and trusted brand. In this way, you can earn up 10% revenue as an affiliate on Amazon.

(4) With Your Own Website

Amazon allows you to earn money with your own website, which is basically e-commerce site. For maximizing your online exposure, you can acquire online marketplace on Amazon and make money with Amazon.

Please note that this service is not free now. You will have to pay a monthly fee here. No doubt it is a great way to generate traffic on the website in the result of increasing sales online.

(5) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service where you can select different small tasks that suit your skills. You can complete these tasks from your home every day and can get perfect revenue from that. You can choose your own work hours and decide your range of work. Payment is automatically deposited to your bank account when the task is complete. You can also earn bonuses here.

(6) By Publishing your Blog on Amazon

You can easily earn money by publishing your own blog or website on Amazon Kindle Publishing service. You can simply list your blog or website on Amazon with its description and the appropriate category for listing online. The readers of Amazon Kindle can purchase a subscription to your blog by giving monthly fee. You will get 99 cents or a little more on per blog, but it is a way to earn extra money with Amazon. Basically writing article online is the best way to earn money with Amazon.

(7) Amazon Work at Home Careers

Amazon also provides customer service jobs that you can do from your home as a home career. They pay you around $11 per an hour. They also provide you full and part-time positions in certain states and area. This method is done in all over the world.

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Seven Popular Ways to make money with Amazone

(8) Amazon Home Services(Updated ):

Amazon just launched amazon home services . Its one of the largest untapped markets . Basically when customer buys TV, they are offered complementary installation services or if customer buys yoga mat, they are offered yoga lessons. Check out complete details HERE 

Some Cardinal Tips while working on Amazon:

(1) Specific Titles: If you link to specific titles, your commission will be higher. It will be better as, rather than suggesting a title and then giving link to

(2) Traffic Sources: If your site has traffic from U.K and Canada, you should link to both as Amazon-U.K and Amazon-Canada. The negative point is that if someone in England uses a link to and then realizes to go through Amazon U.K, he won’t get credit for possible sales.

(3) Amazon Stores: You should spend some time in looking around the Amazon stores for specific items. It might help you to increase the visitors and might be appealing to also.


Amazon is the best online affiliate marketing network, which offering opportunity to make money to all readers, website owners and affiliate marketers. You can easily earn so much money by becoming Associate of Amazon. Once you register, you can recommend products, select specific products, or choose your choices. You can also change your fee structure at any time. So try these Amazing ways of Amazon to make a good income at home.

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