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  1. Excellent article Aman. There is a glaring reality with all online marketing techniques, including social media marketing. The need for eyeballs to see them. Getting your post or promotion shared so that it then obtains sufficient views is still the key so making money online…

  2. i really believe take money,but for me .i feel difficut when doing it,because currently very much lie on the social network ,so when we are doing on the social network

  3. Hey Aman, thanks for such a great article. I read this and now i start to follow your article and its been working for me… thanks a lot man.

  4. NIce and tnx for giving us the way to earn………..!!!

  5. Earn money on you online

  6. Naseeb ahmad naqui

    Nice …its very helfull for those people who is salf dependent.

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