9 Killer Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue by 100 Times

Are you frustrated by seeing your Adsense earnings..?

Getting your morale down when seeing CPC like 0.05. 0.10, 0.15 or 0.01…….. 😉

Then you must be thinking that why you are using this Google’s product. You may be getting thousands of visitors daily but not earning passive money from Adsense. This is just because of a fact that you are doing some mistakes for making money from Adsense. You haven’t been taught by anyone how to enhance adsense earnings. Don’t be de-moralized, here once again I am with you to help you in increasing your Adsense revenue sharing.

Killer ways to increase adsense revenue

Killer ways to increase adsense revenue

The killer tips I am going to share with you, might be you are aware from some of them. I don’t promise but I commit if you follow these tips, your Adsense revenue estimate earnings will definitely boost.

9 Killer ways to increase Adsense revenue by 100 times :

1. Keyword selection for web-page :-

Select high CPC paying keywords to earn massive money from adsense

Select high CPC paying keywords

For getting high CPC value, you need to select appropriate keyword for the web page. If you are new in the blogging world to make money especially from Adsense, then I’ll recommend you to choose high CPC paying keywords like Mesothelioma, donate car, insurance, medical lawyers as your site’s niche. Don’t be sad if you are already running a website on blogging niche and it is not giving you good CPC. I will recommend you to start a new blog on above mentioned keywords niche, it will definitely give you massive opportunity to make money from adsense program.

2. Site performance :-

Site performance is one of the major factor to increase the adsense revenue. I had faced this problem a lot because my blog was at bad crawling server. Though Google crawls my site but no efficiently. Many times it gets crawler errors which I came to know before a few days ago when adsense score-card is shown in my account.It shows me crawling issues there and when I learn there about it, it simply tells me that

“crawler is getting problems to crawl your site and it will affect your CPC and won’t give too much revenue.”

Improve site performance to enhance revenue sharing

Improve site performance to enhance revenue sharing

As I read this, I immediately changed my blog’s hosting and take it to the best server. After taking good server, to enhance Adsense earnings and site’s load time I’ll move to CDN (Content Delivery network) in future. You should take your site to CDN after getting a good server.

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3. Ads type, Size and color :-

The different kind of Ad types are available for you to display on your site. Text ads, image ads and video ads you can display show to your domain. It is recommended that you should use both image and text ads on your site as you can see in the snapshot also. Google also states that to increase Adsense revenue, one must use text & image ads both.

Recommended Google ads format to improve adsense revenue

Recommended google ads format to improve adsense revenue

After selecting the desire ads type, we should move on for choosing best size ads. Google advice us to switch on to recommended ad formats which can be beneficial for us to improve adsense earnings as you can see in this image also. Brand asks us to display ads of size 336×280 (Large Rectangle), 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper) and 728×90 (LeaderBoard).

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Enable both text & image ads to earn more money from Google ads

Enable both text & image ads to earn more money from Google ads

Ads color also play an important role to enhance the Adsense revenue. If your site background is white, then you should use white color background ad unit from “My Ads” section in Google account. You can choose color there as per your choice.

4. Ads position and placing :-

As you generate ad unit from my ads, now the main task is to display your ad at the proper place on your site. Placing and positioning of ads can effect a lot to your Adsense earnings. Placing your ads at the right place will give you more clicks and generate passive income for you.

One of the best way to get more clicks I’ll recommend you to place your ads bellow the post’s title and in the middle of your content. Try to display ads on the top of your webpages and site because maximum time visitors don’t go to the bottom of a web page. You can show ads at the end of your post content also, it will work for me many times and surely it will work for you too.

5. Block certain ads :-

Many times you have noticed that you are viewing a webpage related to mobile specifications and certainly an ad of home design is displaying which is totally irrelevant to your content. You will not click on that home design ad. If there was an advertisement that an iphone 5 is free available here, you might click on it to find how you can get that iphone free.

Hence in this case, administrator should block home decor category to display ads on the site. It will surely increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). Keep in mind that your Adsense CTR shouldn’t be too much high, Google may remove ads if CTR is high.

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6. Forget internal linking :-

A blogger’s biggest desire is that every visitor that lands on his site, should visit at least 3-4 pages before leaving the site. Hence he/she offers his/her other article’s link within the content and try to put more and more internal links in the post. Just offer relevant post’s link with the current article, it will definitely help you a lot when you display relevant ads also on the site according to your niche.

It increases the chances to click on an ad more because you have already blocked the irrelevant ads on your site.

7. Domain’s Page Rank (PR) increases Adsense earnings :-

The page rank of a website is decided by Google itself. There certain algorithms and tools by which Google judges that what page rank should be given to a domain. Page rank is a number from 0 to 10. If your site PR is 0 then your adsense revenue will definitely be low. As you work on page rank and get at least one PR of your site, your Adsense earnings will be increased definitely.

For example we have 2 domains :- abc.com (PR-0) and xyz.com (Pr-4)

Both these domains are displaying Google ads, now we’ll see how amazingly earnings differ. Suppose CPC is 0.10 for domain abc.com.

Now if a click comes on xyz.com, the CPC will be same 0.10 but the earning from one click is 0.10 x 4 = 0.40 🙂

Just imagine your site’s PR is 6 or 7. You will be at the seventh sky. 😉

So Page rank enhances the revenue in your adsense account.

8. Google Analytics improves adsense earnings :-

Google analytics improves adsense revenue share

Google analytics improves adsense revenue share

Yes, you are listening right. Google analytics also increase the revenue for adsense account. All you need is to track and observe correct results from your analytics. To be very simple if you can judge that visitors are clicking on ads at least once when visit to your site for a particular keyword search on Google, then you can work on that keyword and do SEO for that individual keyword. It will enhance your adsense revenue from ads.

9. Google search box :-

You should have at least one Google search box on your domain, it will also improve the earnings from Google ads. You can display 2 search boxes on a web page. Whenever a user searches any query in this box,it will show relevant results and ads. It will boost your money earning.

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If you have any query, you can ask frequently.

Live in blogosphere and earn more money from Google Adsense.

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  1. Aniruddha says:

    Thank you really greate artcile and helpfull too 🙂

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    I have my own personal qualms with Adsense though but this was worth reading.

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    Thanks for this post. You have a lot of great AdSense ideas listed here. I will try some of these out on my own site.

  5. Usama says:

    Hi, This article looks great. I have also done research on adsense revenue sharing website and have made a list of top 15 websites to earn by adsense revenue sharing.
    For those who want to earn more with adsense.

  6. anisha says:

    Great Info 🙂 Thank you for Sharing…

  7. Juan says:

    thanks for your nice sharing about adsense, my blog traffic lost since panda and penguin, so i have drop revenue from adsense

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Hi Juan,

      Lots of many other bloggers have lost their revenue after penguin and panda update. This is due to decrement in the SERPs ranking of their site due to bad linking structure.

      My all websites have got higher ranking whenever google update is there. Its because doing according google’s policies. Don’t be de-motivated and provide quality content on your site with doing great relevancy work and linking structure.

  8. Vineet Gupta says:

    Definitely key research plays vital role in it & it’s always worth spending some time initially on it.

    • Aman Bansal says:

      You are right Mr. Gupta..
      And to be frank, maximum people forget to do this before starting a blog/website and later on they realize that they miss to take good niche for their site.. 🙂

  9. Jack says:

    Yes, keyword is the most important to adsense, because search engine loves good keyword in web page, so we have to make good keyword in web or blog content, so we can get better result in adsense.

  10. Dahlan Dahi says:

    Thank you Aman. Great post.

  11. Awesome Tips. Really these tips are much helpful for a beginner or a person who frustrated from Adsense. 🙂

  12. ranadheer says:

    Hi Aman,

    Excellent post. I just want to know that how to block irrelevent ads on my blog? Can you give me some guidence? I am very new to adsense so please look at my ad placement on my blog and i need your suggestion on the ad placement. my blog is http://coding-issues.blogspot.in. One more doubt: can i give some keywords to adsense so that only ads releted to that keywords are shown on my blog??

    Thanks in advance .


    • Aman Bansal says:

      HI Ranadheer,

      Welcome to my blog. I would to recommend you that do ad sectioning for your blog. You need to read about this online and then apply. There are certain tags provided by Google and by doing it ads will be displayed according to your web-page content.

      You can also block certain ad categories in your adsense account so that irrelevant categories ads won’t be displayed. You can’t give some keywords to google for displaying ads on your site.

      • ranadheer says:

        Hi aman,

        Thanks for the info. Right now i am having three ads on my blog(coding-issues.blogspot.in). 1.leader board 2.sky scraper in right side bar. 3. rectangle ad at the bottom of the post. so i want to ask you one thing. does placing ad “below the post title” instead of above the post title makes any changes in CTR?


  13. Your Content is awesome and I m gonna implement it.

    Udhayakumar G K.

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  15. Good explanation, will try it. Thanks 🙂

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    Hi Aman , I am glad that you have chosen your career as a blogger which is really nice way to earn money.

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    I think the points here is enough for me
    I was really afraid but at the end of this post you said page rank matters.
    Then I need to go and start working on my page rank, because my page rank still at PR 0.
    Really appreciated this post

    • Aman Bansal says:

      Hello Lawrence,

      Page rank is one of the major factors to judge a website’s reputation. Good PR site always earn money whether it is from paid post or from adsense.

      All the best and hope so you’ll get good rank when Google updates PR.. 🙂

  18. gkduniya says:

    Good points for adsense users…I am still facing problems with the approval from adsense team..so i go for infolinks….anyway thanks for those points..will use once adsense approved

  19. Thanks for sharing lot of good ideas.

  20. lijo says:

    Fantastic article – printed out to go through more thoroughly. Got tons of idea forming

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    Your article is very informative, specially to the new individual entering to the field….. But I expect a little more detailed explanations…. Sorry if am wrong….
    Make Money , Blogging Tips, Widgets, Free Tools, Tricks

  22. Joly George says:

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    Make Money , Blogging Tips, Widgets, Free Tools, Tricks

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    Great tips. I am still struggling with my Adsense earning (very low), you give me a lot of food for thought. Thanks!

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    Very informative article. So i should wait for some time to increase my page rank and earning AS well.

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    All the 9 ways are really informative aman.Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,You were able to answer all my questions about Adsense in just one page.thanks for posting.

  30. Amit Sharma says:

    very nice adsense tips i will try on my website. can u tell how google analytics can help to increase adsense earnings

    • Vipul Jain says:

      Integrating Analytic’s with Google Adsense will help you track easily when users are clicking on your ads and which pages are most performing in regards of Earning.

  31. lijokv says:

    My CTR is only 0.2%, its so low and I must find way to improve it. Thank you for your advice.

  32. Thank you very much AMAN for sharing this amazing information to us!

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    Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed ..
    Any recommendations? Appreciate it!

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    Thanks for sharing these great tips, been looking at increasing my cpc and rpm with no luck, I will try these tips and see how it goes

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    Thanks for sharing the info even though I dont fully agree that page PR does increase cpc, I have 2 sites, 1 with 0 PR and 1 with PR5 and the cpc of the site which has PR0 is always higher all the time

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