How to Make Money with Blog-The Complete Guide

how to make money with a blog or websiteBlogging for Bucks is the latest Trend and Blogging today is assumed to be the best Income Source Prevailing on the Internet.

Making Money From a Blog is much Common in Western Countries like UK and US. But in Countries like India, it’s still a resource not everyone knows. Earlier Blogging seems to be only meant for sharing your Views on popular topics and presenting it to the whole World. But with the come up of Google Adsense, the vision of people and the Web entirely changed.

I present you the Top & Best Sources through which you can make Money with a Blog or a Website designed or owned by you. I hope that you know the basic difference between a Blog and a Website. But when it comes to make money and earn money, Blog and Website seems to be synonyms. So the 8 Best Sources I describe here for earning money with a blog are automatically justified for a Website too.

8 Sources to Make Money with Blog

1) Cost/Pay Per Click(PPC)  Ad Network

E.g-Google Adsense

make money from blog or website with pay per click advertising or ppc ad networksThe Biggest and Widest Source to generate your Online passive Income and make money from a Blog designed by you is with the Cost per Click Advertising Network or what we can it in two words is Google Adsense(As almost all the Bloggers know about it). A simple but complicated to get the program established by Google which lets you select the type of ad you want for your blog niche content and pay you according to how many visitors have clicked on that ad from your Web pages.

If you want to Know more about Google Adsense and other Top Pay Per Click Advertising to make money with Blog, visit the Below Link

5 Best Pay Per Click Advertising Companies like Google Adsense

9 killer ways to increase Adsense Revenue by 100 times

2) CPM Ad Network:


make money from blog or website with cpm network or cost per impression ad networkNot a widely used Ad network to make money with a blog, still it’s much popular among blog’s receiving per day more than 1000 unique visitors. Cost Per impression(CPM) or specifically Cost Per Thousand Impressions refers to the cost which the advertisers pay to the site publishers for each time whenever an ad is displayed on the Web Page.(Different from Google Adsense where visitor should click in order to earn money from blog ).

5 Popular and best  CPM Ad Network to make money with Blog

3) Affiliate Programs/ Selling Products

E.g-Amazon Affiliate Program

make money from blog or website with Affiliate marketing on blog networks programs or companiesAffiliate Programs, in a layman language, is basically purely a commission based program, where you help to sell the product of a company by placing a banner on your Blog. Your Blog is just like a middleman between the customers and Organisations.

Running a variety of Affiliate Programs on the blog with a bulk of traffic seems to be the common tactic nowadays through which you can easily make huge income. And the most important thing about these is the quality product they sell to their customer and helps you to grab some dollars and even get some good thankful messages from your blog readers for the recommendation.

Although, the Companies that provide Affiliate Programs widely varies according to your Blog Niche, but here are some popular websites on which you can sign up and start earning some extra money.

Affiliate Marketing for Blogs:5 Best Affiliate Network

4) Direct Ad Sale/Sponsorship

direct ad sales to make money from blog or websiteI assume the best answer for how to make money with a Blog lies in sponsorships.You can directly sell your website/Blog ad space to Advertisers. It’s the best source to make money with Blog as you get paid in advance. You rent some blog space to advertisers and they will pay you according to 3 different models. These are Pay per time, Pay Per click and Pay Per Impression. The most important thing you should keep in mind about Direct Ad sale is that instead of implementing guidelines of Advertisers on your blog you should set your own rules for advertising and payments.

If you want to know more about Direct ad Sale Network then I have written an entire post for this which will cover some of the best and top direct ad sale companies.

Popular Networks which provide private or direct ad sales Programs

5) Get Paid to Write Reviews

The Best Source if you want to make instant money is by offering Paid Reviews on your Blog. But it has some limitations. Your Blog  must receives huge amount of  Traffic Daily and your Blog has a good impact on Social Media. Your Alexa as well as Page rank also matters. But if you full-fill all these criteria then this alone can generate a Huge Income.

Advertisers Search for the Blogs that writes Quality and Unique content on their Blog. They just ask to write a review of one of their products in the form of Posts including a link of their Website. And you will be paid accordingly. Minimum Payment you will get is 5$.

Two Most trusted and Popular websites for finding Reviews are

SponsoredReviews and LinkVehicle

6) Generate your Blog Services:

If you are Blogging for the last couple of years and receive a good amount of traffic from Various Countries then there is a chance that you can generate a new Business with that. Convert your Blog readers to your Business Customers. With relevant to you blog content, you can offer some services that might be helpful for them. You can also sell some books or market your skills with your paid programs.

 7) Flipping

Although this tactic is more commonly used with Websites, but still it can be a bigger source to generate Income with a Blog. You build a Blog, increase content,  traffic, rankings, social media engagement and then sell it- The basic concept of Flipping. Many Business owners will approach you(like they have approcahed me) if you have a quality blog or otherwise you can list your blog on popular Buying and Selling websites Portal like and you will easily get millions.

8) Donations

With PayPal

Last but of course not the least, when it comes to make money with Blog, is via Donations. In contrast to  today’s usual Human Psychology, the World is still full of people who always appreciate the hard work you had done and would  be wiling to  fund you. I just analysed some popular blogs on the Internet and found that it’s also a common very good source that help Bloggers to earn money from Blog.

Just think about the 2 Internet most Popular Websites WikiPedia and WordPress. They are still running on Fund Basis and they frequently run campaigns and  request their  users for donations. So don’t be shy and just display a banner for your Blog Donations

But if you blog is centralised to  Indian Visitors only then i personally recommend you to leave this source.

make money from blog or website with donations on blog

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