How to Improve Alexa Rank of Website:15 Killer Ways

increase and improve alexa rank of website and blogAlexa Rank,a Popular Phrase which you as a Site Owner had heard frequently in your Website Journey and had also made many efforts to improve Alexa rank of your Website or Blog.As you all know,ALEXA is a Web Information Company by Amazon that maintains ranking data according to Site’s performance.Alexa Rank is one of the Top Benchmarks in determining the Quality of a website just like  Google Page rank.For each Website that is published on the Internet Alexa maintains a review of its ranking Globally as well as in a particular Country.

There are two types of Alexa Rank.Global Alexa Rank displays your Site Rank among all the site’s on Web that are published till now.Local Alexa Rank Displays your Site rank among all the sites from your target Country(or from where your domain is registered)

How to Check Alexa Rank of a Website:

#1 Go to the official website of Alexa Company or follow the given link to Check the Site’s Alexa rank

#2 Put the URL/Site Name inside the search box and hit Search.

#3 You will be provided with the detailed summary of the site including Global and Local Ranks

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Why Alexa Rank is Important for Your Website?

Your skills and Site Quality are judged by the Alexa Rank of your Website

Advertisers will choose your Website according to its Alexa Rank


How Alexa rank is Measured?

The Algorithm to measure Alexa rank of your Website doesn’t seem to be fair Enough.A viral rumor is that Alexa rank is measured according to the Site Traffic.But this is not True.They only consider the traffic that is passed with  their System.So either your site Visitor have to install Alexa Toolbar on their Browser or you have to provide an Alexa Widget on your Site in order to considered it in determining Alexa Rank.

Blog Posting as well as Alexa Reviews are also given the same importance for a Site Ranking

15 Killer Ways to Improve Alexa Rank of Website:

#1 Install Alexa Toolbar

This Factor is most important in context to improve Alexa rank.You must install Alexa Toolbar on all the browsers you regularly use. Also ask your visitors, friends, Partners to install Alexa Toolbar on their Browser as well.

#2 Claim/Verify your Site on

You can easily claim your Website on up with a new account of your website and then insert meta tag in the head Section of your site.Once Approved, you definitely see a drastic increment in Ranking and your Alexa rank improve within a week.

#3 Put Alexa Widget on your Blog

As I had discussed above, How Alexa rank is measured for a particular Website?So either your visitor should have installed Alexa Toolbar or your site provides a widget which displays Alexa rank that it is to be counted in the Alexa Traffic Ranking Stats.

#4 Increase Traffic

This must be the Topmost Criteria to tremendously increase and improve Alexa Rank of Site.After Being done all the basic essential steps, this is big picture which always plays a crucial role for any Site

#5 Write Review about Alexa on your Site

Monthly or Quarterly , you must display your Alexa Traffic Ranking Stats to your Readers by posting an article about Alexa rank of your Website and providing a link back to

#6 Write also your Website Review on Alexa

Alexa Traffic Rank is measured with 3 major Factors: Alexa Traffic,Blog Posting and Alexa Review.So must Write a review of your Website on Alexa and also ask your friends to review your site on Alexa.

#7 Generate Backlinks and Comments on Blog

Backlinking and Commenting are most important part in order to increase Google Page Rank of your Website.Same is with the Concept of Alexa Ranking as you might have noticed that Alexa also displays a number of sites that are linking back to your site.Comment on blogs that belongs to higher PR sites like Blogging will boost your Alexa rank.If you use WordPress, then I advise you to install CommentLuv Plugin on your Website as it greatly improve Alexa rank.

#8 Regularly Update your Website

Posting Regular Articles on your Site and also updating the published articles is another major factor to increase Alexa rank of Website

#9 Do Proper Social Media Marketing of your Site

Share the Articles you publish on your Website to Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Digg.

#10 Maintain Quality

“Quality always matters.”If you had maintained the quality of your Articles on your Website then you don’t have anything to worry.You will see that your site’s Alexa Rank and Page Rank increases automatically.

#11 Go for Alexa Paid option

If you are capable of spending money for increasing your Alexa Rank, then you must try for Alexa Paid plan where your are provided with Site Audits and  Certified Site Metrics in addition of an increase in Alexa Rank.

#12 Use Internet Resources

There are many companies out their which guarantee you to improve Alexa rank of your Website by spending some bucks or for free.

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 Technique That is Not Recommended:

Ya it’s right .The Technique which is explained here is not recommended as its kind of Black Hat strategy especially if you have an Adsense account.But if you are desperate to improve your Alexa Rank,Then here is the thing .Simply download and install a VPN(Security kiss) on your PC.With this you can change your ip address regularly.And then with some specific URL(depends on your VPN) paste it in the browser on which Alexa toolbar is installed.You got hundreds of page views from Alexa installed browsers and this will definitely increase our Alexa rank.But again it is a ….


Hope you are Satisfied with all the Major Points which I had discussed here regarding Why and How to Improve Alexa Rank of Website.Although all the major options are considered but it’s a warm welcome if have some other tips that can be added and let us know in the Comments Section.

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