How to Earn Money from Data Entry

Frustrated how to earn money

Frustrated how to earn money ?

  • Are you frustrated to make money online?
  • Do want to make money online without investment?
  • Eagerly want to know how to earn money from data entry?
  • Are you confused how to start with making money online by data entry?
  • Do you want to know how you will get paid by data entry?

If you have these kind of certain questions in your mind then you are at the right place to get your answers and doubts. Here, I try my best to solve your money problem by telling you simple ways to earn money from data entry without any investment.

Earn money without investment…….. Huraahhh 🙂

Yes, this kind of my expression when I listen this first time from my friend. He told me that buddy there is an opportunity to work online and there is simple work of entering the data for some websites and they pay you handsome money like 1000 Rupees daily. Waooo…!!!

After listening this I was at the seventh sky. 😛 He told me some websites like, which pay a decent amount of money if you do data entry for them. I told him, Bro where you were with this information for a long time. I waste my time online by using Facebook and chatting.

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Thanx dude, I’ll also go on these sites and start to work with them. He said, wait bro let me guide you initially what to do for earning money from data entry.

So here I am telling you his guidelines what he suggested me to do. Lets start with initial step.

What is data entry online ?

Data entry is a simple work which can give you extra money online. If you have basic typing skill and know basic English then you can do this data entry online work easily. Many online websites have got huge amount of projects for which they require people to work for them. They pay for your work. They have projects in which their customer asks to enter data regularly and maintain it at regular intervals.

Hence you can utilize your free time by entering data online and in against you will be paid by the companies for which you do work.

How to earn money from data entry ?

After knowing what is data entry, I asked my friend how will I make money from data entry online. He told me some steps i.e. :-

1. Go online and register yourself on the websites that provide data entry jobs online.

2. Then submit your full basic information and details on the site.

3. Then just complete some formality pages on site and get successfully data entry jobs online.

4. Go to your E-mail and get the data entry jobs from the site you have registered.

5. The most vital step, Enter the data and make extra money in your bank. 🙂

Earn money from data entry online

Earn money from data entry online

After getting all these guides, I exclaimed with joy and said its amazing dude. Thanx this kind of stuff with me. He said, stop  aman by doing formalities. Now, let me explain you how will be paid for this work and I was like “Hungry lion”… 😛

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How you will be paid for data entry ?

Some websites pay money for data entry in the starting of month and some pay at the end of your working month. Some websites use to pay at regular intervals like every 15th day of month, means twice in a month or some may pay four time in a month. Data entry job providing companies give you payment by checks generally. Some may pay you by direct transaction in your bank account.You can check out your per day earnings by login into your account on the registered website.

Friends, What do you have to say about this money earning source? According to me this is one of the best way to make money online by doing data entry. It will be great to spend time online with this kind of work than spending hours on Facebook and chatting. If you have queries regarding how to make money from data entry, you can frankly ask in comment section. I feel happy to talk with you and guide you one this. 🙂


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  1. Aditya says:

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    Great information friend.
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    Great Article.

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  10. George RoshanFelix says:

    i want to make money by data entry how will i start

  11. SHOBHIT SHARMA says:

    Akk the suggetions a really good , but may you please tell me about the websites which are providing this type of facitlites

  12. data entry job is asking to pay 1200 rupees it it genuine or fake

  13. INDER JEET AHUJA says:

    I am interested in data entry work from home, I do my work honestly please reply in my e-mail id

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    i want to work on data entry jobs please tell me how to get the data entry websites

  19. Pawan says:

    Dear Mr. Vipul Jain,

    Kindly let me know website for DATA ENTRY not asking for any investment.

    The link you had provided asking to pay Rs. 1199.00 so where is FREE/ WITHOUT INVESTMENT.

  20. Madhuri says:

    Pls email the date entry sites

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    hi bro,
    the stuffs are amazing and very informative on ur blog ,good work and keep it up,

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    Great post upon data entry jobs. There are many peoples in India who want to earn money by data entry, I’m sure that this post will help him:)

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