How to Earn Money by Playing Games Online?

Is it really possible to make money online by playing games? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, you can get paid to play an online game. All you need to do is use your spare time and make some extra cash. There are many options available for making money online like affiliate marketing, freelancing, Writing Blogs, trading with Bitcoin rush etc., but earning money by playing games is one of the most convenient options. To make big, one can also start playing casino games by registering on the legitimate dealer’s website.

make money by playing games onlineOnline gaming is fun and exciting, and it sounds great when you get to know that you will be paid for playing games online. Nothing can be compared to that. It is probably the easiest way to make real money online. If you are a youngster or don’t have any skills, then also you can earn easily without any investment. All you need to do is use your natural skills to play simple online games.

There are many websites available online, where you can earn a huge amount of money in just few minutes. The sites which are recommended here are fair and simple, and shall not include any scam sites that will not yield you anything in return.

Getting paid to play online games is a dream for avid gamers. Thanks to the requirement of various gaming websites, today there are many online game sites that do pay you to play games on their site.

5 Websites to earn money by playing games online:


Game Show network is a good site that rewards you for playing games online. When you play games using this site, you are rewarded some points a.k.a. oodles. Till date, already 600,000 oodles have been distributed to various internet users for playing online games.

From online Casino games to Card, Cash & arcade,  the website has over 77 games which you can try and earn money. GSN has also drafted a unique guide where you can get the complete details on all the available games and tutorials. You can see by clicking here.


Zoombucks is similar to Swagbucks in many ways which give you different options to earn money online. Cash out options includes amazing gift cards, PayPal, PlayStation or Xbox live codes, and game cards for many popular online games. Basically, What “Zoombucks” offers is bit different from “Swagbucks”, but it is similar in a sense that you can earn money by playing games online.

It is a UK-based portal with tons of entertaining games available to compete on and for free. By playing you can win tokens that you can use in the draw of different prizes. You can get the complete details about the prizes here.

earn money by playing games online

In addition, to collect tokens and win prizes, you can opt for tournaments, obtain medals in the online games, and collect the many badges that are available in the challenges.

PaidGamePlayer is the premier online destination for skill gaming.  It also offers rewards for playing free games, which you can later redeem for various prizes. There are also tournaments where you are required to pay a small fee for participation which is usually less than a dollar. If you win the tournament you can walk out with a significant amount of money.

CashDazzle provides you to all sorts of different games and offers prizes and cash on a regular basis.

Not content with simply playing games?…

You can always enter daily sweepstakes and win big. There is also a leaderboard section which will detail out all the winners on a particular date, week or month.

  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes:(Website Closed) 

How to Earn Money by Playing Games Online

Instant Cash Sweepstakes provides you a useful platform for earning money online. All you need to do is answer few quick surveys and you can earn few cents easily. You can cash out for PayPal at $2. They’ve also added a trust system, which gives you benefits such as win multipliers. You increase your trust score, and thus your bonuses, by answering the occasional demographics questions in ways that match your profile. (So keeping your profile updated is important) .

Paid Website to Earn Money by Playing Games

dollar candy gameDollar Candy Game:

A puzzle game, with a bit like candy crush interface, this is one of the latest website to offer money for playing online games. For creating and account to start playing the live game, you have to pay an entry fee that will choose the level of prize money you can win.

It starts from 9¢ and can extend to $.99, depending upon your choice. Moreover, it is completely legal and is available to worldwide audience and payments can be transferred to the bank account directly.

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Other websites for earning money by playing games online:

  • Exodus 3000: The World Alexa rank is near about 1,907,422. The website is entirely dedicated to serious gamers where the gaming community builds a team and compete in a virtual environment.


Online computer gaming has become a huge phenomenon over the past few years. Online gaming industry is growing rapidly, and as per the recent World Bank study, it has been put forth that online gaming is a billion dollar industry. There are many sites where you can sell your virtual items and virtual gold for making money online, but earning money by playing games online is a different and unique idea. It enables individuals to show his abilities and skills. You can play various games anytime and generate online money easily without spending a single dime.

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