Easy ways to Make Money from Customer Services Online: Work at Home Jobs

Jobs for Mom Work at homeIn this telecommunication world, most of us want to work from home by legit online services and want to become wealthy in a quick time. In this way, customer online services play a vital role in finding legitimate opportunities. These services are more of a real job then the affiliate programs or get rich quick income scheme.

Internet is very broad world. As the internet businesses are progressing, people are becoming independent. They are earning a huge income from the web as well as they are not doing any kind of time shifting job. I personally asked to myself that “Is there any kind of Online Legitimate Service available, which pay you good money??” After researching of one month, I came across this type of any online money making system. During this time I came across numerous scams and dead end business opportunities.

Finally I found some tremendous home services online, which pay a decent income. Although there are some restrictions which be applied here such as you must have a land line phone, a high internet connection etc. These all are the common restrictions, which is also necessary for your home-work.

Here are some excellent examples & legit services, which allow you to earn a pay-check working from home-

(1) LiveOps

LiveOps.com is one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry, which provides work-at home job solutions. They have over 20,000 agents working from home and earning handsome income. It has got Google Page rank 6 with world Alexa rank near about 52,914, which is highly recommendable.

LiveOps provides work at home job solution online

They provide flexible home jobs solutions with multichannel support & without investing anything. They provide Direct Responsive Services, IVR/ASR, Call Types, Insurance Agents, Specialized Agents, Direct Marketing Services etc all these types of services.

This is a solid contact center platform for home job solutions.

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(2) Wahm

If you are looking for a home based job and finding a perfect match, then Wahm.com is the perfect match for this purpose. The website has got Google Page Rank 5 with reputable world Alexa rank near about 13,447. This website is specially made for home working moms, who want to generate rich revenue.

Wahm.com provides work at home job solution online

You can easily find best home jobs work here at the Wahm’s network. You can start your own work as a home business like sales jobs, customer service, blogging, writing etc. You can easily search work-at-home nationwide directly here- Wahm Jobs

This is a scam free service which provides trustworthy results as in the form of real web income.

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(3) Working Solutions

WorkingSolutions.com is the global leading brand in Technology, Online Service, Home Job and Agent solutions since 1996. The company has partnered with future thinking global companies which understand the value of completing the organization’s object. The world Alexa rank is near about 269,205 with Google Page rank 4.

WorkingSolutions.com provides work at home job solution online

Basically, this service works for home based customer sales and service agents. And processes call for some of the top companies in USA. So it’s a great company to be an independent contractor for. Just you have to sign on, and you will be able to work with them as a home service.

It’s really like a good opportunity in Online Customer Services as Work at Home Jobs.

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(4) Work at Home Agent

West at Home/Work at Home is an award winning service from West Corporation. WorkAtHomeAgent.com provides nationwide communication solutions and home based jobs. The world Alexa rank is near about 292,935 with reputable Google Page rank 4.

Westathome.com provides work at home job solution online

They employee thousands of home based agents located across the country. They also provide most robust and advanced infrastructure to deliver superior service to their clients. They pay you for per call, which is attended by you as paid per talk minute. Payment process is done by check, pay card or direct deposit.

No Taxes, No Limitations, No hassle….provides easy and suitable solution for work at home dad, work at home mom or work at home wife.

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Other famous Online Customer Services, which provide Work at Home Based Jobs Solution in your nearest area-

  • VIPDesk.com
  • Acddirect.com
  • HirePoint.com
  • TeleTech.com
  • VoiceLog.com
  • CallCenterOptions.com
  • VirtualVocations.com
  • SalesRoad.com

Virtual Assistant Jobs-

  • AssistantMatch.com
  • OfficeDetails.com
  • VirtualAssistantJobs.com
  • VanetWorking.com

You can check the bbb.com, ripoffreport.com for scams. You can even put the company name in Google along withscam behind it to see if it comes with anything.

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Working moms Online


Customer Services Online Jobs are a good way to do work online for cash. Even the U.S government has already offered opportunities for employees to work from home. Just you have to do sign on to for becoming the member here. Then they will hire you for their work. They will you all the process of the work, which you will do at home. A few services also take an initial cost as a security purpose and return it when your work is completed. It is surely a very popular way in the west to earn a decent income at home.

Share your views about Customer Services Online! Are you a successful customer service operator??


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