8 Marketing Tactics You Never Learnt from Neil Patel

Getting failure in online marketing? Get 8 marketing tips from Quicksprout's Neil Patel to run successful business on internet.

Do you know why you are failing to establish yourself online?

It’s not because you aren’t having best product, service, information or website online but it’s because you don’t know how to do marketing effectively.

Even I didn’t know how to do online marketing until I got a chance to meet Mr. Neil Patel. Yeah it’s Neil Patel; The Billionaire. He is the person with whom brands like Amazon, NBC, Wall Street Journal dies to work as he boosts their market.

World is chasing him and I have got the opportunity to meet Neil. I am really thankful to him for teaching me how to do effective marketing of my ideas, services and business.

I have learnt some key marketing tactics from Neil Patel that can definitely help you to grow yourself online.

Neil Patel teaches people internet marketing from his blog quicksprout to make more money online. I wish I could learn from him.

Let’s discuss what you never learnt from Neil before…

1.     You never care of your competitor

This is one of the best things I have ever learnt from Neil. He always recommends to create a list of blogs, websites and twitter accounts who belong to your blog’s niche. You must have at least 200 number in this list for these websites, blogs and active twitter accounts.

After creating this list, you should play with this list by starting talks with blog and website owners through mails. You don’t need to bother to ask them how they are and what they are doing now.

Instead of this, you can ask them for guest post or even for backlink to your blog. It’s really tough to get approval for guest post or even he/she wouldn’t be interested to give you backlink.

It’s up to you how you approach to them. Also you must find out what your competitors are producing in market, where they are offering their content/product or service. It will help you to reach your targeted audience.

2. Still writing for search engines

Are you still writing content to get your web-page on top page of Google? Then you must be doing wrong with your work, profession and client.

Marketing is the relation between a customer and a marketer. A customer always seeks for best quality product, not for quantity. On internet your product is content whatever industry you are having.

When you write content to get it top on search engines, you always seek for putting keywords more and more in your article. You try to work on keywords and couldn’t focus on user.

Readers are always interested to read full informative article. People love those articles that solve their problems in easy way, give detailed information to them with help of images and videos.

Create content that people don’t read but share it and talk about it with their friends even in parties.”

3. Haven’t addicted send Direct Message

Twitter is one of the best social platforms for marketing that Neil uses a lot. He likes to tweak with his followers directly in their message box of twitter.

I always wonder how can people drive traffic from twitter and do great marketing from there. But now days I am getting good feeling as I am also applying his formula.

I use to send this kind of direct message to my followers on twitter,

“You’ll be glad to tweet [insert link] this with your followers, I will appreciate if you have this kind of one tweet for me to tweet.”

This direct message I use to send and I get few tweets as my followers network is not a big one. I also received some replies containing tweet message.

So simply here I am asking them to tweet my link and I do it for them as well. Remember one thing, send this direct message to your industry people. Don’t dare to do spamming… 😛

You can also use this kind of method for other platforms as well where it is applicable. Twitter is more famous for this, so I prefer to do it there.

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4. Never dare to mail webmasters

You might be investing your time and money on E-mail marketing for internet users. But if you don’t have enough courage to invest your time on sending mails to website owners, you are at losing side that’s for sure.

Having contact with website owners can help you a lot to let your product reach to more people. You can write guest post for them as well on their site. Neil also prefers guest posting for marketing purpose as well as for reaching out to different kind of targeted audience.

One of the best formats for guest post approach that I use to prefer…



[Insert the blog’s name for guest post] 1000’s of readers miss [insert guest post title]

Hello [blog’s owner name], as a die heart fan and follower of [insert their blog name] I would definitely love to read about [insert your guest post title] and I hope tons of [insert their blog’s name] visitors must be awaiting for this post.

[Insert their blog name] has got excellent informative posts like [insert their one blog post name],[Insert their 2nd blog post name ],[insert 3rd blog post name]. It will be awesome if you can provide More ideas in this [Insert your guest post title].

I believe that you don’t have much time to write on it, hence I have got an offer for you that you don’t want to refuse. How about it if I can write it for you?

Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you single penny for this and believe me I am a good blogger as you can see here [insert post URL #1],[insert post URL #2].

Let me know if you are interested with this offer. I know about [their blog’s name] fans taste as I am one of the lover of your blog.

Looking forward to hear from you,

[insert your name]


I don’t think after reading this mail, the blog/website owner will reject your guest post unless you write bad quality content. Make sure you get back link to your blog and it will drive traffic to your site.

As traffic increases, the conversion rate will definitely boost whatever the means of conversion for you. Surely it will increase your income.

5. You always comment for backlink, huh..!!

Maximum internet marketers, search engine optimizers, bloggers do commenting on other blogs/websites only for getting backlink.

They are losing the power of commenting. No doubt leaving comment on other sites will give you backlink but if you do it effectively it can give you conversion as well.

Try to do blog commenting to build relationship with blog-owners and readers. Share your knowledge, ideas and views in comment area.

As you share your knowledge and ideas on other blog via commenting, you will get quality traffic from there and also you can get conversions for your product and service.

Neil always focuses on doing commenting on relevant web-page contents. He always suggests to do commenting on more relevant web-pages as it will also helpful for our site to get high domain authority.

At the end your income in-terms of advertisements, product sell, service will increase as you start to use the commenting power.

6. Don’t know the art of Pitching

This is the most vital part of marketing in which you never get success. Neil is the perfect guy who can teach us how to pitch the things effectively.

Pitching product, content, image, service at the right time on exact place will generate leads for you always. You never know what strategy can generate great deals for you but surely you will learn after doing experiments.

For example, it is believed that displaying advertisements, services or product at the above of fold gives the best conversion results. But Neil has done experiment with this and increases his conversion rate.

He displays his services on NeilPatel.com at the below fold and finds that conversion rate increments by 39 percent from showing his services at the above of fold.

“Provide food when people are hungry, not when they are thirsty.”

It clearly indicates that there is no thumb rule in marketing of your product, service online. You need to keep doing experiment and also learn how you can pitch things at the right moment.

7. Never realize the power of social media

Are you depended on search engines to send heavy traffic on your website by which you can get more conversions then you must be losing great opportunity to run your business online successfully.

Popular internet marketers and brands always deal with their social network. They aren’t too much focused on getting high rankings on search engines. They have powerful active social profiles.

Social engagement with people online is always the key of success on internet. It depends on you how you can advantage of various social media networks.

Twitter is one of the best social networks where you can find people easily for any business. I have already mentioned above that how effectively we can use twitter.

Marketing of images, videos and infographics can be more effective on social platform like Pinterest. You can get more exposure for your business through Pinterest.

You may be interested to know how to make money from pinterest

It’s up to you what platform you choose and how you work on it. But I will definitely recommend you to use at least 2 platforms initially to boost business.

Main benefit of using social platforms is that you won’t have fear of Google Panda, Penguin updates. Your business will not go down unless you deactivate your social profile.

8. You haven’t said “YES” to advertising

Don’t you spend hundreds of dollar to establish your business offline, you do? Then why you are not spending money to establish business online? Why you are not saying ‘yes’ for paid marketing online.

Online advertisement can bring good quality customer and conversion for your business if you have done nicely with your advertising campaign.

Neil spends 1000’s of dollar every month for promoting his business online. I am not saying that you should spend money like him but yes you should invest something to get something.

These are best 8 marketing tactics that I have learnt from Neil. He is really a fabulous guy and truly a “Kind of big deal”. He is such a fantastic teacher and I am so happy to get in contact with him.

Don’t be jealousy of guys, I never meet him personally but yes his interaction through his blog Quicksprout is tremendous and making me in a deep love with online marketing.

Share your thoughts about these marketing tips and also if you have learnt something from him share with us.


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