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About Vivek Jain

Vivek Jain is a 21 years old guy, a Mechanical Engineering Student From Jaipur (Raj.),India. He is a Certified SEO Expert and a full time Blogger as well. During his leisure time, he loves to collect data about Latest Technology Trends, Cricket and write what he knows well at Blogging Ways. He is a Content Writer, CEO and Author at MoneyBies.com.You can connect with Vivek on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin .


  1. Hey bro. Nice tips for marketing blogs over pinterest. Gonna implement some of the points for my blog too.

  2. Surely, Bro…
    You should apply some points here.
    and Thanks for commenting here.. :)

  3. Hi Vivek,
    This post is great worth for as today I learn a new way to make money online from pinterest by you. Thanks a lot for providing me such kind of knowledge.

  4. Hi,

    you have written a nice and informative blog.

    That help us to improve the traffic on our blog…..

    Please suggest, can i apply for ad-sense for my blog respondindia.com.


  5. Hello Vivek,
    Pinterest is a really good way of making money, you have included so many good ideas in your article, which is really helpful for me. It was worth reading your article. Keep sharing such tips.
    The point “Become a Referrer” is new to me, I am going to apply this and hope to see positive results.

  6. Hello Dheeraj,
    Nice to see your delicate comment on this money earning social media platform.
    Yes! “Become a Referrer” is new thing here in Pinterest, which can easily give you positive income online.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing your ideas by commenting here! :)

  7. Pinterest is best over all social media and it is one of the best network for business promotion and Companies always want to find new ways to promote their brands and products.

  8. Hello Vivek bro
    Great Designed Site Bro, Thanks For Sharing More Use of Pinterest, i used this bookmarking Site only for Link Sharing Purpose and for Social use only, your Tips will helps me lot to make Full use of it… :)

  9. Awesome post Vivek!
    I recently started using Pinterest and i admit it’s a lot more fun than FB and Twitter (perhaps due to the visual aspect of it.) In any case, it’s a neat platform for business/marketing and casual use alike.

    I’ve noticed that the more pictures i share, the more people seem to return the favor and my profile has gradually built some momentum.

    I suggest that everyone also installs a Pinterest plugin to your blog so that your readers can easily “Pin” any quality image available in your blog posts.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your day.
    Elvis Michael

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